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About us
Sekundensparer.de offers many functions and merits. Quick payouts via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Klammlose and Euro.

Terms of Service
§1. General
When registering, the member confirms the following listed content and terms without exception. Any changes are reserved at any time. In the event of changes, the members are informed of course. In addition, all information provided must be complete, correct and up-to-date when registering. If an account is blocked because of one of the rule violations in the following, no more payout is possible. In this sense: Be fair!

§2 Service / Liability
We are constantly striving to ensure that Sekundensparer.de is always online. However, this can never be guaranteed, since disturbance factors, maintenance work or any events can take place. In addition, we assume no liability for damage caused by or caused by us. All indicated rates and prices are without guarantee. We dissociate ourselves from all contents of external / external advertising. We also do not warrant external add-ons and additional services.

§3 Participation
Every natural person is entitled to participate. Multiple accounts are not allowed without prior agreement. If they are disregarded, they are immediately blocked. We reserve the right to delete or block any accounts with details or indications of reasons.

§4 Chat
The following rules apply in the chat:
- No spam or abuse of remuneration.
- Advertising is permitted in moderation but can not be spam. Discussions about other websites, projects or ref-links are allowed.
- A healthy and peaceful tone is requested. Any allegations shall only be discounted if there are firm proofs. Blackmail, threat and provocation is prohibited. In addition, there is no support in the shoutbox, but the "Live Support" is indicated. Should the rules be violated, the post will be deleted by a moderator and the remuneration will be deducted. In harder cases the member's account can be blocked. If you are not sure, please contact support.

§5 Call number
- Before you call, check that you have a fixed-line flat rate, so that no additional costs are incurred.
- We assume no liability for possible subsequent charges, should your provider challenge claims.
- We do not ask you to use this service or to use it. This is 100% voluntary.
- There will also be no advertising calls or similar by this participation.
- A maximum of one call / number per account is allowed. Multiple calls with the same or different numbers are currently not possible.
- Only if the number entered corresponds with the transmitted number (call transfer must be active), the merit is assigned to the user correctly.
- The remuneration is settled on a securable basis.
- It is possible that it can stall during the phone call. This happens with an overload, but does not affect the merit.
- The statistics are visible after about 3-4 hours, but a maximum of 24 hours after the call.
- If you have called and do not see any proof after 24 hours, simply sign up for support.
- For mobile operators, the number may be temporarily blocked. Just update this page and you will get a new number.
- We reserve the right to exclude numbers which are not remunerated.
- There is a forced separation after 1-2 hours. Then you can simply call again. The PIN does not change. For our part, there is no limit to the use.
- For questions or problems, just contact us.

§6 Listening to the radio
Participation in this promotion is possible with a current browser (Firefox 50+). No influence or modification is permitted and leads to a deduction of the credit or the account being blocked. The remuneration always takes place exactly 60 minutes after the start and can be found in the booking list (account withdrawal) with the IP. The radio can only be started with an IP address. If a user has several IP addresses, they can also participate at the same time. Only listeners from the following countries are eligible: Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, England and USA.

§7 Payouts
BTC and LTC payments can take up to 3 business days. In case of doubt, the support can be contacted.

§8 Passbooks
The passbook, like its side, is given with conjunctions and remunerations. We reserve the right to change these at any time. The acceleration of the deposit or withdrawal is in no case and also not technically possible. The wait time between 2 actions is also posted on this page.

§9 Other
If errors in the system are exploited in favor of the member, an immediate suspension of the member account is made and / or the utilization is recognized as invalid. We reserve the right to withhold any dishonest revenue earned in favor of the Member.
If you have questions or problems, please contact our support team.